Serialized Form

Package org.apache.shale.clay.component.chain

Class org.apache.shale.clay.component.chain.ClayContext extends ContextBase implements Serializable

serialVersionUID: 3618132372818901298L

Serialized Fields


Map<K,V> symbols

Symbol table that holds literal strings that will be replaced within the value of an attribute.


String jsfid

Unique identifier for a component metadata definition.


Object child

A child component is a faces Component, Validator, Listener or Converter that has a parent. Because a Clay component is nested within a JSF/JSP page, it will should always have a parent.


ComponentBean rootElement

The root of a Clay component defined by a ClayTag has a base metadata object of type ComponentBean. It can be defined in an XML file or dynamically built from a HTML fragment or defined at runtime.


AttributeBean attribute

An attribute that is the current index in the attributes collection of the ComponentBean object. There are five Command object that use the attribute property in the context.



ComponentBean displayElement

Represents the current component metadata used to build an associated JSF resource.


javax.faces.context.FacesContext facesContext

Reference to the current FacesContext.


javax.faces.component.UIComponent parent

The parent of the child component. The parent can be something other than a subclass of UIComponent.


int childIndex

Index at which a new component must be added in the list of childs.

Package org.apache.shale.clay.config.beans

Class org.apache.shale.clay.config.beans.AbstractBean extends Object implements Serializable

Serialized Fields


String description

Metadata description provided in the clay configuration.

Class org.apache.shale.clay.config.beans.ActionListenerBean extends InnerComponentBean implements Serializable

serialVersionUID: 3256723996136716338L

Serialized Fields


String id

Override the handling of the ComponentBean's id property. The id is not stored in the attributes collection.

Class org.apache.shale.clay.config.beans.AttributeBean extends SymbolBean implements Serializable

serialVersionUID: 3102689599088266442L

Serialized Fields


ComponentBean hasAParent

The parent meta component that contains this attribute in its attributes collection.


AttributeBean isAParent

A meta component reference that this object is inherited from.


String bindingType

This property represents the type of binding allowed for this attribute by the component.


boolean isInheritanceFinal

A boolean flag that the meta component inheritance has been resolved for this object instance.

Class org.apache.shale.clay.config.beans.Attributes extends TreeMap implements Serializable

serialVersionUID: 3905244515647173938L

Class org.apache.shale.clay.config.beans.ComponentBean extends AbstractBean implements Serializable

serialVersionUID: 3907217039524312373L

Serialized Fields


long jspId

The config beans unique sequence. The value is populated from a call to generateId.


String jsfid

Unique id that points to component meta information.


Map<K,V> attributes

This value pair collection is used to set the property values for JSF object implementing UIComponent, Validator, ValueChangeListener, ActionListener and Converter.


ComponentBean isAParent

An object reference that shows a generalization relationship through the metadata. The extends attribute will hold the jsfid of the parent this instance extends.


ComponentBean hasAParent

An object reference that shows a composition relationship. This reference will point to the parent that holds this object instance in one of it's collections.


String componentType

The componentType relates to a JSF component type used use to instantiate the component using abstract factories. For component's like ActionListener and ValueChangeListener, that are not registered in the faces configuration file, the componentType is the fully qualified class name.


String extendsElementId

The jsfid of the meta component parent.


Collection<E> children

Child meta components that form composition under another meta component instance. Each instance in this set will be a instance of ElementBean and uniquely identified by renderId


boolean isInheritanceFinal

Boolean flag indicates the meta inheritance of this component has been resolved.


ComponentBean converter

Reference to an associated ComponentBean that is an instance of ConverterBean and is used to instantiate a JSF Converter.


TreeSet<E> validators

Reference to a set of associated ComponentBean that is an instance of ValidatorBean and is used to instantiate a JSF Validator.


TreeSet<E> valueChangeListeners

Reference to a set of associated ComponentBean that is an instance of ValueChangeListenerBean and is used to instantiate a JSF ValueChangeListener.


TreeSet<E> actionListeners

Reference to a set of associated ComponentBean that is an instance of ActionListenerBean and is used to instantiate a JSF ActionListener.


String allowBody

This attribute used when defining the template style of page composition where the body of the HTML element is rendered by the component ignoring the HTML.


String facetName

Use this property to add the component to the parent's facet collection rather than the default children collection.


Map<K,V> symbols

The replacement symbol table for the component meta-data.

Class org.apache.shale.clay.config.beans.ConverterBean extends InnerComponentBean implements Serializable

serialVersionUID: 3258417218273621552L

Serialized Fields


String id

Override the handling of the ComponentBean's id property. The id is not stored in the attributes collection.

Class org.apache.shale.clay.config.beans.ElementBean extends InnerComponentBean implements Serializable

serialVersionUID: 3690760596346123828L

Serialized Fields


int renderId

An integer id that is used to order a nested component within it's child collection. This id is also used a the "signature" when resolving inheritance.

Class org.apache.shale.clay.config.beans.InnerComponentBean extends ComponentBean implements Serializable

serialVersionUID: 3257283630291301426L

Class org.apache.shale.clay.config.beans.PageNotFoundException extends RuntimeException implements Serializable

serialVersionUID: 3258689897039672375L

Serialized Fields


String resource

The requested resource.

Class org.apache.shale.clay.config.beans.SymbolBean extends AbstractBean implements Serializable

serialVersionUID: -584466364674399355L

Serialized Fields


String name

Name of the symbol in the target JSF object property.


String value

Value of the named symbol in the target JSF object property.

Class org.apache.shale.clay.config.beans.ValidatorBean extends InnerComponentBean implements Serializable

serialVersionUID: 4050763771565782322L

Serialized Fields


String id

Override the handling of the ComponentBean's id property. The id is not stored in the attributes collection.

Class org.apache.shale.clay.config.beans.ValueChangeListenerBean extends InnerComponentBean implements Serializable

serialVersionUID: 3256718472791536436L

Serialized Fields


String id

Override the handling of the ComponentBean's id property. The id is not stored in the attributes collection.

Package org.apache.shale.clay.parser.builder.chain

Class org.apache.shale.clay.parser.builder.chain.BuilderRuleContext extends ContextBase implements Serializable

serialVersionUID: 4123103940092377137L

Serialized Fields


Node node

The current html node.


Builder builder

The target builder that the Globals.FIND_BUILDER_COMMAND_NAME chain will set.

Package org.apache.shale.clay.taglib

Class org.apache.shale.clay.taglib.SymbolTag extends TagSupport implements Serializable

serialVersionUID: 3977021747121698357L

Serialized Fields


String name

The name of the symbol.


String value

The value of the symbol.

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