Package org.apache.shale.clay.parser.builder.chain

Class Summary
BuilderRuleContext This context is used by the BuilderFactory to invoke the Globals.FIND_BUILDER_COMMAND_NAME chain passing this context.
ClayNamespaceBuilderRule This class defines the rules that bind HTML Node's resembling the Clay DTD into corresponding Builder's.
DefaultBuilderRule This is a Command implementation that will match a HTML Node with a matching Builder implementation.
DirectiveBuilderRule This builder will be ordered first in the rule registration list.
FormBuilderRule This rule has an implied mapping meaning that all html form nodes will map to the FormBuilder regardless if the html form attribute has a jsfid.
InputBuilderRule This rule Command has an implied mapping to several html element types.
JsfDefaultBuilderRule Delegates all handling to a common JsfDefaultBuilder that can transform markup that looks like JSP tags to a graph of InnerComponentBean beans.
LabelBuilderRule This Command rule has an implied mapping of a html label Node to a OutputLabelBuilder regardless of the mapped jsfid
OptionBuilderRule This Command will return either a SelectItemBuilder or a SelectItemsBuilder if the html Node is an option and the option has children.
SelectBuilderRule This rule will map a html select Node to a SelectOneMenuBuilder or a SelectManyMenuBuilder.
SpanBuilderRule This Command rule matches a html span Node to a MorphBuilder.
TextareaBuilderRule This Command rule will map an html textarea Node to a InputTextareaBuilder.

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