Package org.apache.shale.clay.config.beans

Interface Summary
ConfigBean This interfaces should be implemented by a object pool that is registered with the ConfigBeanFactory.
ConfigBean.ConfigDefinition Top-level interface that defines a single configuration file entry.

Class Summary
AbstractBean Abstract class that provides a description property that is populated from the clay configuration file when design time tool support is enabled.
ActionListenerBean This meta component will be used to construct a JSF ActionListener.
AttributeBean Represents a value for a component property or a tag attribute.
Attributes Normalize the case of a String key to lower case making the collection case insensitive.
ComponentBean This is the base class of most of the metadata that is used by the Clay component to build a component subtree.
ComponentConfigBean This class is kind of the metadata object pool for configuration data loaded from XML files on startup in the ClayConfigureListener by the ClayXmlParser.
ConfigBeanFactory This is an abstract factory that contains a ordered collection of object pools ConfigBean.
ConfigDefinitionsWatchdogFilter This is the timing mechanism for looking for modified Clay templates and configuration files.
ConverterBean This meta component will be used to construct a JSF Converter.
ElementBean This bean represents the composition of a complex component.
InnerComponentBean This class should be a base to all components that are contained within a owing ComponentBean.
SymbolBean A symbol represents a variable replaced in a JSF binding expression.
TemplateComponentConfigBean This ConfigBean is responsible for handling full XML views.
TemplateConfigBean The second type of top-level object pool.
ValidatorBean This meta component will be used to construct a JSF Validator.
ValueChangeListenerBean This meta component will be used to construct a JSF ValueChangeListener.

Exception Summary
PageNotFoundException This is an unchecked exception used to identify that a Clay template could not be found.

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