Interface EndState

All Superinterfaces:
State, ViewState
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public interface EndState
extends ViewState

EndState is a spacialized ViewState that also marks this as the final State to be executed in the owning Dialog. When this State is entered, context information for the owning Dialog is removed. Then, if a view identifier is specified, the corresponding JavaServer Faces view will be rendered, and the logical outcome returned by the subsequently invoked action method will be returned to the parent Dialog (if any) as the logical outcome of this dialog's execution. If no view identifier is specified, it is assumed that some other mechanism will be used to return output to the client.


Method Summary
Methods inherited from interface org.apache.shale.dialog.basic.model.ViewState
getViewId, isRedirect
Methods inherited from interface org.apache.shale.dialog.basic.model.State
findTransition, getDialog, getName, getTransitionOutcomes

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