2009/05/20 - Apache Shale has been retired.

For more information, please explore the Attic.

Shale Core

Shale includes a core library providing useful additions and utilies for JSF applications.

Services Provided

  • JNDI Integration - Shale includes custom instances of the VariableResolver and PropertyResolver APIs, from JavaServer Faces, that allow value binding and method binding expressions to navigate through the JNDI InitialContext (and subcontexts) that are provided to each web application by the application server.
  • Shale Core Taglib - A tag library that provides a <s:token> tag that that renders a transaction token (hidden) input field, and then validates it on a subsequent form submit.
  • Utility classes - A set of helper classes spanning topics such as internationalization, access to JSF converters and utilities for JSF tags and JavaBeans properties.