Class PluggableLookupCommand

  extended by org.apache.commons.chain.generic.LookupCommand
      extended by org.apache.shale.clay.utils.PluggableLookupCommand
All Implemented Interfaces:
Command, Filter

public class PluggableLookupCommand
extends LookupCommand

This chains class performs a check to verify the catalog exists. If the catalog doesn't exist, it returns true if the optional property in the super class is true. If the catalog is not found and the command is not optional, it returns a false value. Otherwise, if the catalog exists, the super implementation is invoked. The name of the command can be a value binding expression. The value is evaluated if it contains an expression and the resolved command is invoked.

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 boolean execute(Context context)
          Adds an additional check to determine if the catalog name is loaded.
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Constructor Detail


public PluggableLookupCommand()
Method Detail


public boolean execute(Context context)
                throws Exception

Adds an additional check to determine if the catalog name is loaded. If loaded, the super implementation is invoked. Otherwise, the chain continues if the command is optional.

Specified by:
execute in interface Command
execute in class LookupCommand
context - chains context
true if the chain is done
Exception - up the calling chain

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