Class PropertyValueCommand

  extended by org.apache.shale.clay.component.chain.AbstractCommand
      extended by org.apache.shale.clay.component.chain.PropertyValueCommand
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class PropertyValueCommand
extends AbstractCommand
implements Command

This is the catch all Command to handle all attributes that are not an "action", "actionListener", "validator" and "valueChangeListener". This Command is invoked from the AssignPropertiesCommand chain.

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Method Summary
 boolean execute(Context context)
           Looks at the AttributeBean on the ClayContext to see if the value is a binding EL.
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Constructor Detail


public PropertyValueCommand()
Method Detail


public boolean execute(Context context)
                throws Exception

Looks at the AttributeBean on the ClayContext to see if the value is a binding EL. If it is not it just updates the component with the value. If the attribute is a value binding expression, then a ValueBinding is created. If the attribute uses early binding the ValueBinding is executed and result applied to the component. Otherwise, the binding expression is applied to the component in a prepared state. A true value is always returned because this is the default handler.

Specified by:
execute in interface Command
Specified by:
execute in class AbstractCommand
context - common chains
true if the chain is complete
Exception - propagated up to the top of the chain

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