Class AssignViewRootCommand

  extended by org.apache.shale.clay.component.chain.AbstractCommand
      extended by org.apache.shale.clay.component.chain.AssignViewRootCommand
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public class AssignViewRootCommand
extends AbstractCommand

This Command assigns properties to an existing UIViewRoot. It can only update the renderKit and locale properties. There are two new properties on the view root in JSF 1.2, beforePhaseListener and afterPhaseListener. These two require MethodExpression that is introduced in JSP 2.1. We will have to wait until we can migrate to 1.2 before we can support these attributes. For some reason, these are not wrappered like the ValueBinding is wrapperd by the ValueExpression.

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Method Summary
 boolean execute(Context context)
          If the target componentType is "javax.faces.ViewRoot", assign the property overrides is present.
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Constructor Detail


public AssignViewRootCommand()
Method Detail


public boolean execute(Context context)
                throws Exception

If the target componentType is "javax.faces.ViewRoot", assign the property overrides is present.

Specified by:
execute in interface Command
Specified by:
execute in class AbstractCommand
context - commons chains context
true if the current display element is for the view root; Otherwise, return false to create/update a component.
Exception - any error that might terminate processing

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