Shale Use Cases Sample App 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT API

org.apache.shale.usecases.locale This "dialog" manages switching the request locale (and therefore the language used to localize responses) based on a user's choice from among the locales supported by this application.
org.apache.shale.usecases.logic This package contains business logic methods that manipulate model data objects in the org.apache.shale.usecases.model package.
org.apache.shale.usecases.lookup This package contains ViewController beans for the remoting support that is implemented via JSP pages, instead of Java code.
org.apache.shale.usecases.model This package contains interfaces that represent the model data objects required by the Use Cases example application, plus a Data Access Object (DAO) that may be utilized by business logic to manipulate these model data objects.
org.apache.shale.usecases.model.minimal This package contains a minimal implementation of the model data object APIs defined in the org.apache.shale.usecases.model package.
org.apache.shale.usecases.profile Log On and Edit Profile Dialogs.
org.apache.shale.usecases.view This package contains convenience base classes for application specific DialogController and ViewController implementations, other view tier related utility classes, and the files defining the localizable resources for this application.


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