Class ContextRelativePathFilter

  extended by org.apache.shale.application.AbstractRegExpFilter
      extended by org.apache.shale.application.ContextRelativePathFilter
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public class ContextRelativePathFilter
extends AbstractRegExpFilter

Command that filters incoming requests based on matching the context-relative portion of the request URI (in other words, servlet path plus path info) against regular expression patterns that are configured on this instance. See AbstractRegExpFilter for details of the matching algorithm.

USAGE NOTE: - This command will only be effective if used before the regular filter chain is processed. In other words, you should invoke it as part of a preprocess chain in the shale catalog.

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protected  String value(ShaleWebContext context)
          Return the servlet path (if any) concatenated with the path info (if any) for this request.
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Constructor Detail


public ContextRelativePathFilter()
Method Detail


protected String value(ShaleWebContext context)

Return the servlet path (if any) concatenated with the path info (if any) for this request.

Specified by:
value in class AbstractRegExpFilter
context - Context for the current request

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