Shale Tiger Extensions 1.0.4 API

org.apache.shale.tiger.config Overall configuration parser for processing faces-config.xml resources, and a JavaBean representing all of the configuration metadata.
org.apache.shale.tiger.faces Primary application runtime integration of the Shale Tiger Extensions library with the rest of Shale.
org.apache.shale.tiger.managed This package contains Java SE 5 annotations that support declaring JavaServer Faces managed beans through annotations in the class source code, rather than requiring <managed-bean> declarations in a faces-config.xml configuration resource.
org.apache.shale.tiger.managed.config JavaBeans representing configuration elements for managed beans.
org.apache.shale.tiger.managed.rules Digester rules (and ManagedBeansRuleSet) for parsing managed bean elements from a faces-config.xml resource.
org.apache.shale.tiger.register This package contains Java SE 5 annotations that allow you to register several types of JavaServer Faces artifacts (components, converters, phase listeners, renderers, and validators) without having to define them in a configuration resource.
org.apache.shale.tiger.view This package contains Java SE 5 annotations that support the functionality of classes that implement org.apache.shale.view.ViewController to classes that choose not to implement this interface.
org.apache.shale.tiger.view.faces This package contains implementations of the event callback support described in the org.apache.shale.tiger.view package.


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