Package org.apache.shale.test.el



Class Summary
FacesImplicitObjectELResolver ELResolver implementation that accesses implicit objects in the current request context.
FacesPropertyResolverChainWrapper ELResolver implementation that wraps the legacy (JSF 1.1) PropertyResolver chain.
FacesResourceBundleELResolver ELResolver implementation that accesses resource bundles in the current application.
FacesScopedAttributeELResolver ELResolver implementation that accesses scoped variables in the current request context.
FacesVariableResolverChainWrapper ELResolver implementation that wraps the legacy (JSF 1.1) VariableResolver chain.
MockELContext Mock implementation of ELContext.
MockExpressionFactory Mock implementation of ExpressionFactory.
MockFunctionMapper Mock implementation of FunctionMapper.
MockMethodExpression Mock implementation of MethodExpression.
MockValueExpression Mock implementation of ValueExpression.
MockVariableMapper Mock implementation of VariableMapper.
MockVariableValueExpression Mock implementation of ValueExpression that wraps a variable.

Package org.apache.shale.test.el Description

This package contains mock objects and supporting infrastructure for expression evaluation using the Unified EL APIs. These classes are only relevant when running in a JSF 1.2 environment.

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