Package org.apache.shale.dialog.scxml

The Commons SCXML implementation of the Shale dialog module.


Interface Summary
DialogStateMapper DialogStateMapper is an interface describing a pluggable mechanism to map between the state ID within a SCXML dialog definition and the corresponding JavaServer Faces view identifier that should be rendered when the dialog state machine comes to rest in that state.

Class Summary
DialogProperties Simple POJO properties class that gets stored in the root context of each state machine instance driving a Shale dialog.
Globals Manifest constants and well known event names for the Jakarta Commons SCXML driven Shale dialog implementation.
SCXMLDialogManager Implementation of DialogContextManager for integrating Commons SCXML into the Shale Dialog Manager.
SCXMLLifecycleListener ServletContextListener that loads dialog configuration resources at application startup, and cleans up the libraries we depend on at application shutdown.
ShaleDialogELEvaluator EL evaluator, for evaluating the expressions in SCXML documents used to specify Shale dialogs.

Package org.apache.shale.dialog.scxml Description

The Commons SCXML implementation of the Shale dialog module.

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