Uses of Class

Packages that use ManagedPropertyConfig
org.apache.shale.tiger.managed.config JavaBeans representing configuration elements for managed beans. 

Uses of ManagedPropertyConfig in org.apache.shale.tiger.managed.config

Methods in org.apache.shale.tiger.managed.config that return ManagedPropertyConfig
 ManagedPropertyConfig ManagedBeanConfig.getProperty(String name)
          Return the managed property (associated with this managed bean) with the specified name, if any; otherwise, return null.

Methods in org.apache.shale.tiger.managed.config that return types with arguments of type ManagedPropertyConfig
 Map<String,ManagedPropertyConfig> ManagedBeanConfig.getProperties()
          Return the list of managed properties associated with this managed bean.

Methods in org.apache.shale.tiger.managed.config with parameters of type ManagedPropertyConfig
 void ManagedBeanConfig.addProperty(ManagedPropertyConfig property)
          Add the specified managed property to the set that is associated with this managed bean, replacing any previous entry.

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