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Packages that use ManagedBeanConfig
org.apache.shale.tiger.config Overall configuration parser for processing faces-config.xml resources, and a JavaBean representing all of the configuration metadata. 

Uses of ManagedBeanConfig in org.apache.shale.tiger.config

Methods in org.apache.shale.tiger.config that return ManagedBeanConfig
 ManagedBeanConfig FacesConfigConfig.getManagedBean(String name)
          Return the ManagedBeanConfig element for the specified managed bean name, if any; otherwise, return null.

Methods in org.apache.shale.tiger.config that return types with arguments of type ManagedBeanConfig
 Map<String,ManagedBeanConfig> FacesConfigConfig.getManagedBeans()
          Return a map of defined ManagedBeanConfig elements, keyed by managed bean name.

Methods in org.apache.shale.tiger.config with parameters of type ManagedBeanConfig
 void FacesConfigConfig.addManagedBean(ManagedBeanConfig config)
          Add a new managed bean configuration element.

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