Serialized Form

Package org.apache.shale.dialog.basic

Class org.apache.shale.dialog.basic.BasicDialogContext.TopState extends Object implements Serializable

serialVersionUID: 1L

Serialized Fields


String stateName

The name of the current state within the topmost Position on the stack.


int stackDepth

The stack depth of the Position stack. This is used to detect scenarios where using the back and forward buttons navigates across a subdialog boundary, which means that the saved stateName is likely no longer relevant.

Class org.apache.shale.dialog.basic.BasicDialogManager extends org.apache.shale.dialog.base.AbstractDialogContextManager implements Serializable

serialVersionUID: 7528541012789489425L

Serialized Fields


Map<K,V> map

Map containing all currently active DialogContext instances for the current user.


int serial

Serial number used to generate dialog instance identifiers.

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