Uses of Interface

Packages that use UsersDAO
org.apache.shale.usecases.logic This package contains business logic methods that manipulate model data objects in the org.apache.shale.usecases.model package. 
org.apache.shale.usecases.model.minimal This package contains a minimal implementation of the model data object APIs defined in the org.apache.shale.usecases.model package. 

Uses of UsersDAO in org.apache.shale.usecases.logic

Methods in org.apache.shale.usecases.logic that return UsersDAO
 UsersDAO LogonLogic.getDao()

Methods in org.apache.shale.usecases.logic with parameters of type UsersDAO
 void LogonLogic.setDao(UsersDAO dao)

Uses of UsersDAO in org.apache.shale.usecases.model.minimal

Classes in org.apache.shale.usecases.model.minimal that implement UsersDAO
 class MinimalUsersDAO
          Minimal implementation of UsersDAO that provides no persistence at all.

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