Class RegistrationForm

  extended by org.apache.shale.view.AbstractFacesBean
      extended by org.apache.shale.view.AbstractViewController
          extended by org.apache.shale.usecases.symbols.RegistrationForm
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class RegistrationForm
extends org.apache.shale.view.AbstractViewController

This view controller manages state outside of the managed beans associated with the form. It's purpose is to respond to the loading of the page and processing the posted events.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void init()
          This view controller is scoped in the request.
 String save()
          Handles action of saving the pages state.
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Constructor Detail


public RegistrationForm()
Method Detail


public void init()

This view controller is scoped in the request. The init method is invoked for each request and the page's state is stored in session scoped beans. The dialog for these session scoped beans are managed through this stateless controller. This separation of view model data and action controller is similar to Struts Action 1.x.

Specified by:
init in interface org.apache.shale.view.ViewController
init in class org.apache.shale.view.AbstractViewController


public String save()

Handles action of saving the pages state.

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