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Packages that use org.apache.shale.view
org.apache.shale.view This package defines fundamental interfaces and convenience base classes related to the ViewController functionality provided by Shale. 
org.apache.shale.view.impl This package contains default implementations for framework functionality required by the application APIs in the org.apache.shale.view package. 

Classes in org.apache.shale.view used by org.apache.shale.view
          Convenient abstract base class for application beans that wish to interact with JavaServer Faces request processing facilities.
          ViewController is a "backing bean" interface which adds several extension points to the standard JavaServer Faces lifecycle.

Classes in org.apache.shale.view used by org.apache.shale.view.impl
          Interface describing a "strategy pattern" implementation for handling exceptions thrown by an application event callback that is managed by Shale.
          ViewControllerMapper is an interface describing a pluggable mechanism to map between a JavaServer Faces view identifier and the name of a corresponding managed bean that serves as the backing bean for this view.

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